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AdWords Negative Keyword Checker

With new Google campaign types it's more and more difficult to extactly bid on the keywords you want. Lots of long tail keywords get a low search volume status. Dynamic campaigns like Google Shopping and Google Dynamic Search Ads will choose keywords by themselves and will not let you select your own keywords.

The only way to control wich keywords are important, is by adding negative keywords to your campagins, so you exclude junk keywords. Keywords like cheap, review and how to in combination with your service will generate traffic but no conversions.

To discover the best negative keywords for your account, we have created AdWords Negative Keyword Checker. This tool scans your account and identifies keywords that have a negative impact on your AdWords Campaigns. The results are just phenomenal!

Do you want a solution for "traffic without conversions" problem? Try AdWords Negative Keyword Checker for free!

Some of the high lights:

  • Find out which keywords are costly and do not convert.
  • Get insight into predicted cost for keywords which have no conversions yet.
  • Snooze keywords which are not relevant for you at the moment and after 30 days they will appear again. You will not miss a thing.
  • Download all negative keywords in a handy Excel file and add them to negative keywords lists or just as negative keywords.


AdWords landing page checker

Now you've got a solution!

This new tool helps you to make sure that all your AdWords landing pages are working properly.

Some of the features we are excited about:

  • Check which landing lages in your AdWords account do not work;
  • Check which landing lages contain products which are out of stock;
  • Check all landing pages of Ads and Keywords, so you don't miss a click;
  • Download reports in convenient Excel file.